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 Here in the quiet wilds of the lower Appalachians along the Ohio River, is our farm.  We raise our own carefully cultivated bloodline of pure white  German and French angora rabbits, as well as angora goats and blue faced Leicester sheep.  The animals are raised for their exquisite fiber from which we make luxuriant and exotic yarns.  Yarn and fiber products are our specialty, although we occasionally sell animals too.

 Angelique Brand Natural Fiber Yarns

Products Offered On this Site


On the following pages, you will find the following products now available for sale at the farm:

Real Mohair Locks for Reborn and other dolls, Santas, bears, angels and craft items in need of a soft, fuzzy touch

Fibers and Rovings-- Angora rabbit fiber, mohair, wool,

Natural fiber garments-- scarves, shawls, hats, sweaters

Natural fiber products-- rugs, runners

Hand milled Goats' Milk Soap

Animals-- rabbits, goats, sheep, horses

Folk art Paintings--Life in the Ohio Valley, especially cat paintings


For years we have been producing the raw fibers for some of the finest natural fiber artists and vendors in the country, and have now have added our own special Angelique Brand Yarn to the market.   Our  yarns are available in natural, as well as hand-dyed or hand-painted colors  and are either handspun using electronic spinning equipment, or else custom mill spun.  Most of our yarn is sold through our vendors throughout the country, but occasionally, some is sold here from the farm. These natural fiber yarns are produced entirely in the U.S.A.



Our Farm Studio for Fiber and Fine Art


Bloomingdale Farm Studio

Using all natural fibers, we create beautiful yarns, especially yarns featuring angora rabbit fiber, either 100% angora, or else angora blended with wool, mohair, or another exotic fiber like silk, alpaca, rayon or camel.  Yarns are either spun by hand here, using electronic spinning equipment, or else custom mill processed. Spun yarns are hand-dyed or hand-painted using various techniques and vibrant tones using dyes that do not fade or bleed.  We make and sell fiber products, either woven or knit with our yarns. One of our best-sellers is a luxuriously soft and warm hand woven scarf, made with angora rabbit fiber and rayon.  Because rabbit fiber is seven times warmer than wool, and because of its super-fine micron count, it is perhaps the softest of natural fibers.  We add rayon because it adds a lustrous sparkle and always gives the scarves an excellent drape and weight.

Paintings and Reborn Dolls

Most of my time is devoted to animal care and preparation of fibers. However in addition to natural fiber and fiber products, I also do paintings, mostly of the flora and fauna from around the Ohio Valley, especially of the animals dwelling here on the farm.  

My newest creative passion is for the construction of reborn dolls.  I love the realistic look of a beautifully crafted reborn.  I am striving to develop my talent in this area, and hope to have some dolls in the near future posted on this site.  Right now, I offer a variety of colors of premium mohair, selected and prepared specifically for doll hair.  It looks exactly like real human hair.

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