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 Mohair Locks For Dolls

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Premium Grade Washed Mohair Locks from our Angora Goats

 For doll hair, we hand select the very best mohair from our top quality angora goats. We choose the softest, shiniest locks that are closest in resemblance to real human hair. We carry both wavy and curly mohair. These premium grade mohair locks are carefully heat sterilized and  washed by hand.  They are then dyed to a variety of real hair colors and air dried.  Afterwards, we comb them out and weigh them so that the are just right and ready to use for reborn rooting, or for easy use in making wigs and hair for dolls, angels, bears and other craft items. We spend a lot of time working on the doll hair--believe me, making great doll hair is an art in itself!  I think you'll be pleased with our selection.  Colors below are currently in stock.  Contact me about current pricing and availability at:

Honey Blond Mohair Locks

 Perfect for your blond baby! These curls have a great shine and bounce.  Comes in both wavy and curly.

Auburn Brunette

 Lovely tawny brunette mohair, with terrific shine and bounce.  Comes in curly or wavy. Great for your strawberry blond!

Chestnut brunette

 Downy soft, these chestnut brown locks are exactly like my daughter's hair!

Natural Colored

 Undyed Locks are softly modulated natural  tones, ranging from grays, browns to blonds.

Black Mohair Locks

 Lovely jet black curls, good shine and bounce, perfect for your dark haired beauty!!

Sandy Blond/Brown locks

 Dyed to a very natural looking sandy blond-light brunette color that resembles the hair many babies are born with! Delightfully soft.

Mahogany Mohair locks

 Beautifully modulated tones from deep brown to rich tawny brown with golden highlights.  A lovely choice.

Deep glossy brunette

 Lovely deep brown color, lots of shine and body.  Long locks-- 4 to 7 inches.

light brunette

 These are a beautiful, shiny light brunette, 4 to 7 inches in length, very bouncy and wavy

Angora Kid

 Little Bo Peep hopes you like her soft, silky mohair.  She feels wonderful after her haircut, but, if the weather is chilly, she wears a sweater when she goes outside to play until her hair grows back, thick and soft.